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McCain Loves Amnesty and Hates American Workers

John McCain, the disgraced Senator from Arizona, who was censured not once but TWICE in January of this year alone for his terrible record of voting in support of liberal policies, has once again professed his support for illegal aliens.

From the Hill:

“They’re not going home. And so why don’t we give them a [...]

Flake Chooses Illegals Over Americans

We aren’t surpised to see Jeff Flake, the second most despised Senator in the country (with the lowest approval and highest disapproval second to his mentor John McCain), come out with new comments supporting amnesty that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has clearly stated will cause Americans’ wages to decline for a decade or more, [...]

Boehner Sells Out Americans

John Boehner has sold out Americans of every race, who will suffer higher unemployment, lower wages and declining standards of living if he gets his way. Boehner is taking campaign contributions and promises of lucrative employment after Congress in exchange for selling out American workers, by rewarding foreign nationals who have invaded the country with [...]

Obama Implies Amnesty EO

Once again, Mr Obama is implying he will sign an executive order to criminally grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Obama has admitted he has no authority to legalize these foreign nationals, and yet has criminally obstructed immigration laws. Deportations are down 40% since 2009.

Call Ryan, Boehner and your House rep, every day, and [...]

IMF Whines and Threatens USA

The IMF, acting like the spoiled corrupt brat that it is, has THREATENED the USA and demanded that the USA approve its radical demands by year end. Or what, IMF? What a joke the IMF is, demanding the USA give up voting control, lose veto status, and double our “contribution” of $63 billion to the [...]

EPA Admits No Data to Support Rules & Regs

After delaying for two years, and then a subpoena, the EPA has finally admitted that they don’t even have the data on which they base their claim to regulate clean air, etc.

It’s a sham! The EPA costs American taxpayers over $100 billion per year, and businesses spend HUNDREDS of billions per year to comply [...]

Democrat Corruption & Crimes

Today we find that Cummings colluded with the IRS, specifically Lois Lerner, to target and harrass True the Vote.

We also learn that DHS illegally altered job descriptions in a bid to secure positions for Obama campaign staffers.

Back to Lerner, while she was in charge of the exempt division, Lois was angling to get [...]

Carney, Kerry and Holder Lose their Shit

Today was a day of hilarious outbursts from the Obama minions. Carney, Kerry and Holder all lost their shit when being questioned by their betters.

Starting with Jay Carney, the Carnival barker, who appears to be very stressed out due to the nature of his job, lying to the press. From the Daily Caller:

Reuters [...]

Holder the Criminal

AG Holder today basically admitted he won’t prosecute the crimes committed by Obama administration officials, from Clapper’s admitted perjury, to Obama’s illegal obstruction and unconstitutional alteration of immigration law, to Treasury’s illegal delay of the employer mandate.

From Politico:

“What more do you need besides an admission from Gen. Clapper that he lied?” Rep. [...]

NSA & International Law

This had me rolling on the ground, holding my belly as I literally laughed out loud.

After all that has come out about Snowden, AP wiretaps, Merkel’s phone being recorded, etc, the Obama administration has the arrogance and audacity to claim infringement of international law…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Friday [...]